Women's Retreat

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A Women’s Explorative Weekend Activating Your Raw Vitality by Connecting to Your True Purpose. 

Step Into Your Highest Self & Embodying Your Unique Genius. 

Awaken, Individuation, Embody, Integrate, Standing, Vitality, Inner Vitality 

Join us and embark on a magnificent journey as we hold the space for each other to come home to ourselves. This container is designed to be a sacred space for women to step into & activate who you are as a unique woman / human being.


We each come here with an utterly unique expression of truth that yearns to be birthed through us. No one else can do what we individually are here to do. It is ours alone - are you ready to own it? It is time to activate and connect to this genius within us for this is how we create a new world collectively.


Be witnessed in your effortless authenticity by your sisters. Let go of everything except the rawness that is the pure and unique light within you. This is a space to practice being all that you can be and all that you already are. 


It is an invitation to radically own all of who you are in a space that is held, shared, and witnessed by your sisters. Join us as we step into our Full FUck Yes timeline - the one that your heart body and mind yearns for and take the leap into your most authentic self.


What wants to be channeled through you?

What is your song?

What does your Queen look like?

What are you willing to risk to live your fullest expression of life, your fullest expression of YOU? 

It’s time to go 100% All In for YOU - that precious, magnificent, glorious being that is YOU

Sister Circles, Meditation, Shamanic Journey, Light Movement, Indoor & Outdoor Ceremony, Dance, Drum Circles, Fire Ceremony, Creation Stations, Personal Photo Shoot & More....